Ski Locker Rental App

Snowgate was born of the need to securely stow skis and other gear at resorts while customers enjoyed lunch, shopping or relaxing. Both the web and mobile applications also had to integrate with the functionality of the physical kiosk at the locker locations.


The Challenge

Snowgate had developed and built lockers and kiosks at Winter Park Resort for skiiers to store equipment when not skiing. They wanted to develop web and mobile applications that integrated with the kiosk functionality to allow customers to search for, rent, lock and unlock their lockers remotely, along with additional functionality such as billing history, finding their locker using the GPS on their phone, and more.

The Approach

Snowgate FlowI began with interviewing the owners of Snowgate and using the working functionality of their kiosk as a starting point. After gathering and synthesizing the information, I created a flow diagram of the apps functionality and data flow.

Once the flow was established, I created wireframes for mobile and web apps for feedback and iteration.

Snowgate mobile wireframes

Snowgate web wireframes

After several rounds of iteration on the wireframes, I provided final mockups for the applications, designed the corporate site and provided HTML/LESS development for the software engineers to build upon.

Snowgate Final art


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